Five Bees FAQ

General FAQ

What is Five Bees?

Five Bees is an Educational Enterprise founded in Australia established with the aim of providing exceptional educational services. We partner with top-tier international Universities and other education providers across the globe to bring students more options when it comes to their education and careers.

Is Five Bees a University?

No, Five Bees is not itself a university. Five Bees is an internationally regognized solutions provider to universities and students alike. At present we have a committed partnership established with California Metropolitan University in the USA, IELTS and a number of educational insitituions and enterprises and sometimes act as their representative in ASIA and Australia and New Zealand.

What kinds of courses does Five Bees provide?

Five Bees is a strong believer in access to education for all and the ongoing requirement for education in the modern, globally connected world. We offer a range of University Master and Doctor degrees in partnership with CMU and will soon be moving our other courses and educational offerings by the beginning of January 2022

CMU General FAQ

Does CMU provide any materials to students?

Every student is provided with a combination of video lessons, reading and reference materials for each module in your online learning portal which can be accessed anytime from anywhere upon aquiring your login credentials. Students can also access the online library (Perlego) which is available throughout duration of your program in order to search additional reference materials if required

Is there any presential study required for any of the courses?

No. All CMU Doctor and Master programs are 100% online and completed by correspondence.

Are classes available online in my timezone?

CMU provides a dynamic working schedule no matter where you are located in the world!

Application and Payment FAQ

What are the prerequesites for the Doctor programs?

We would recommend that prospective students have completed a masters along with carrying a number of years of relevant career experience prior to applying. Five Bees will work with you to prepare your application for submission to give you the best chance at being accepted.

How do I apply for a MBA or DBA Program?

As an international partner, your application is processed and endorsed by Five Bees. Think of us as the face of CMU in the regions we service (Asia, Oceania). Application is easy, you can reach out to us using the form below any of the individual course pages leaving your contact details.